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ve the date 9th of Aug! Moomin’s Day special mug


Monday 9 July 2018

Save the date! Moomins Day mug will be sold in Iittala Outlet store at Hede Fashion Outlet on the 9th of August 2018.

Moomin’s Day special mug

Moomin’s Day, celebrated every year on 9 August, Tove Jansson’s birthday. The first Moomin’s Day was in 2004, and this year, Arabia will honor the day by bringing out a special mug.

Drawn in 1955, the illustration on the mug was first published in a London newspaper. Moomintroll and Moominmamma have hiked to the highest point on an island close to Moominvalley to view the beautiful sunset. Moomintroll snuggles up to Moominmamma’s side and pushes his nose onto her silky snout. It’s very quiet and they are alone  – it feels good.

This is their chance for just the two of them to have some calm, relaxing time together, away from their busy family life. The touching image describes Tove Jansson’s unique relationship with her own mother.

Writer and illustrator Tove Jansson

Tove Jansson was born on 9 August, 1914. In 2004, exactly 90 years later, Moomin’s Day was celebrated for the first time as a tribute the her artwork and heritage. Now, the fifteenth Moomin’s Day is being commemorated by Arabia through a mug that carries the day’s name and meaning with it. Moomin’s Day is already a phenomenon in Japan, where the day is filled with Moomin events and celebration.